ATTN: DFW Re: Fighter Cuts

Dana, let me start by saying, I'm generally a supporter of many of your decisions as I understand in business a lot of things that people don't like are necessary for business.  But I think this latest round of cuts is a little on the extreme side.   I would like to see an actual civil discussion from the members of this forum and yourself on this subject if at all possible.

If it has become necessary to cut guys who are making more than what they are worth at this point, even if they are very good fighters, maybe it is time to put a renegotiation clause in contracts.  Say something like after every 2 fights the UFC has the option to enter into renegotiation, or after 4 fights the fighter has the option to do so. 

I believe it is also time to look into starting a feeder league if Strikeforce is gone, and Bellator is sticking with it's crazy contracts that most gyms are telling their A and B list prospects to avoid.  This would also give you a place to send some of these guys that aren't quite a draw in the UFC, but could be more of a draw on a lesser show.  This can also open up the option of having many more international events. 

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Dana tends to be a lot more civil around here then he is on Twitter I find.  That's why I asked here and not there.

rootsnattyroots - fuck u goof - Dana White

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