Attn: Diox!

So, i'm an idiot, and left my mats, and my copy of mastering the rubber guard out during the creation of "Lake Ohio" the other night, and the damned thing washed away down the street. What was the website you posted where i can buy a new one for 18$ ?!



wow, that sucks

Hola Eric!


Here ya go! Also if you add my myspace by clicking on me or mail me I'll send ya a little bonus item.


#80069 Mastering the Rubber Guard Book by Eddie Bravo
In Mastering the Rubber Guard, world-renowned jiu-jitsu practitioner Eddie Bravo reveals the trademark Rubber Guard techniques that have made him one of the most respected no-gi jiu-jitsu competitors in the world. With more than eight hundred color...
List Price: $ 29.95
Sale Price: $ 18.99

diox ahem

more wifee please

Love the book. I read it everyday before training.

Malachy Im trying a new tactic where everyone attempts to appreciate me for my candor, my attitude, my assistance and my great personality....

and not my wifes ass.

jk :)


stick to what your good at

your wife;)


stick to what your good at

my wife:)