Attn DS members re: traininig

Please purchase your own copy at any bookseller. We are unable to issue these to personnel due to budget cuts (we don't have one :(.....maybe we get free Monster drinks ;D ), so much like in the tradition of our nation's reliance on militia members, you are required outfit yourself.


Sgt Slaphead, PAO NCOIC HGDS

sadly the sheep feel this is silly and won't feel the need to arm up or train until its too late.

Its like the guy who wants to start training Jiujitsu or MT AFTER he gets his ass kicked

Training begins NOW.

Google "Trends Research Institute".

next Great Depression is coming. Crime will rise and the Police will not be able to help you.

That is all.

Das jus krazy tauk!

Next thing you'll be advocating learning how to hunt, small scale ag, and the illegal (here) carrying of weapons :p

I would NEVER!!!

I would NEVER!!!

I am a 'Law Abiding Citizen'!