Attn: Ed Soares contact info

If anyone can get ahold of Ed an see if he has a few minutes to chat with me I would much appreciate it


thank you



LnP help this man out :) Phone Post

Hey Todd..

Ed's pretty active on twitter if that helps any... Ed does have an account here but I havent seen him around in awhile

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My sister interacted with him on twitter just a couple of days ago, so I think that's your best bet.

Good luck and I'm always a fan! Phone Post

Thanks guys.

Good luck Todd! Phone Post 3.0

Good luck dude Phone Post 3.0

Looking to train at Black House Todd? Phone Post 3.0

Todd vs big nog Phone Post

He responds on Facebook as well Phone Post 3.0

You did not text back muh friend. Phone Post



Blackhouse Duffee ftw. Phone Post

TTTodd Phone Post 3.0

He just tried to reach you. But I think you may have changed your number from the one I gave him.

Hit me via pm.


Send you his contact to your yahoo email