Attn: Eddie Bravo, RE: Pulling Guard

Pulling Guard did not work well for Jason McDonald , do you have a critic of his guard work? He is a very good submission fighter and got blasted. I think in today's MMA pulling guard is an extremely dangerous move. 15 years ago everybody didn't understand wrist control and posture , what are your thoughts on this? Phone Post

Yes , great example. I felt Torres won as well. Phone Post

Judging needs to change, and upkicks from the guard should be legal. Phone Post

Upkicks could change the game, that's for damn sure. Phone Post

Jason McDonald had no control of Alan's posture. 10th planet is all about control.

It isn't about pulling guard being risk free, it's about pulling guard being less risky than standing up with a better striker! If you absolutely can't take someone down you basically have two options, and often being on your back is the lesser of two evils.

Macdonald has good jiu jitsu, but he isn't Roger Gracie, or Jacare(the fighters relevant to last week's discussions on the issue). I doubt many fighters would feel comfortable in Roger's guard. Even if it didn't work every time(nothing does), which option do you think is better for literally the best grappler in the world?

Aoki pulls guard a lot, and wins(against fighters he would have no hope of taking down with a double- Alverez, JZ, kawijiri). Nog has pulled guard(or ended up there) and swept: Barnett, Couture, Werdum (all awesome top games). Torres swept Mighty Mouse loads from his back and should have got the decision.

It's a legit option, not a magic solution against a well rounded fighter.

Agree it wasn't an intended guard pull at all and control of belcher's posture wasn't maintained. Don't care for the 10th planet stuff but this fight doesn't hold a ton of relevance. Phone Post


Here's Eddie's video on pulling guard, but the true genius lies in Horwich's impression of Reggie Warren Jr.

nowaydo - Jason McDonald had no control of Alan's posture. 10th planet is all about control.

Yup. MacDonald didn't really pull guard. He went for a throw and ended up on bottom. Belcher is a solid brown belt who has vicious power in his hands and feet. He made a mistake and Belcher made him pay. On a sidenote if you're not A MUCH stronger grappler than your opponent, pulling guard should be the last resort.

-Not Eddie Bravo Phone Post

The biggest problem with pulling guard is that the pull itself fails more often than not in MMA (ie the guy doing the pull goes down, the other guys stays on his feet and just backs out).

This is especially true if the guy you're trying to pull down is a good wrestler with heavy hands - very hard to get in for a good clinch, and very hard to pull him off his feet even if you've got the clinch.

Basically the guard pull is like any other takedown, sometimes works, sometimes doesn't, but if you can't distract your opponent with good strikes it'll almost always fail. Wrestlers in particular are experts at staying on their feet ... expecting a guard pull to get them into your guard consistently is like trying to expect a RNC to consistently tap out a good BJJ'ers.

Guess what?

A spinning backfist has been used a bunch to KO people cold. It also has been countered, it didn't work, resulting in the fighter being KO'd himself.

apply this to your question.