ATTN: Eddie Bravo - Rubber Guard ?


All your books talk about your techniques applies to the no gi game. What are your thoughts on working rubber guard setups in the GI? Wouldn't it be easier to control your opponent with the additional material/grips? I have been playing with the techniques I read about in your new book (KUDOS to you, BTW on a great training aid) and have had some success.

Eddies game works a lot better for me when doing nogi.

With the gi, I got the lockdown, got double underhooks, and then started to get ezekiel choked! I had to abandon the underhooks and start defending. With no gi, you don't have to worry about the ezekiel.

As for rubber guard, the guy can hold on to your lapels and put his elbows on your chest making it harder to get a hand to the ground. With no gi he can't hold on as much.

gogoplata, when you're in that position you need to hide your head, or in the very least you need to be really tight on him so he can't go for the ezekiel, darce, etc.

the one thing i don't like about using the rubber guard in the gi is that i find it harder to get my arms in position since it's harder to move with all that friction.

Edited to add the last paragraph

gogoplata - I don't really play much with the half guard stuff in the gi, because I agree that you will likely get choked.

I was trying to focus specifically on the rubber guard setups, because it is difficult for someone to use the collar to their advantage when in your guard. If they do so, they will likely be feeding you their arm.

The other night I was working on setting up Mission Control and then transitioning to New York. I set it up, the guy turned his face/chest away from his arm, I went for the armbar, he leaned back into me, and I transitioned to the triangle. I was merely using parts of the rubber guard game to bait the guy into a submission. For example, instead of using the guy's collar to break him down, I use my leg (mission control). Then I use the New York to trap an arm, instead of relying on the collar and sleeve. From there, it is just using your angles and fundamentals to work on submissions. I am only relying on some of Eddie's material to get me there. But the gi friction worked really well in this scenario.

I was just wondering what Eddie's (or CUO, Epstein, or anyone else who trains in Eddie's system) thought about doing this. Is this something you guys have experimented with before?

It seems that a guy like Aoki, who utilized rubber guard setups with the use of his spandex pants, may have more success with something that grips on the body better than a sweaty leg. I'm just thinking through some things...

i will say that whatever works and continues to work is fine.  if eddies set ups open a new world for you that he does not explore and its catching dudes, then it sounds good to me.

i am not a mirror of eddie when i roll, but his moves inspire my game and have helped me to find my own path

With the gi some parts are easier and some are harder. But with or without the gi I play basically the same guard except I have a gi move called the "hang man" which is usually what I go right to with the gi, it's VERY trippy :)

Hhhhmmmm.... I think I will add that to my new dvd for a goof :)

quick question also about the RG. I was using it last night and it was going pretty good for me. Yet I rolled with this guy that had about 30lbs on me and he used to wrestle. So I had him in my guard, but he kept pushing into me with his head and pushing with his legs forward. Wrestlers always do it when they're in guard. I couldnt get my leg into Mission Control. Is this because Im not flexible enough? Or do I have to push away from his head, make space, and then go to Mission Control? Thanks for any info.

go to the crowbar, and make sure to push him off with the right foot on the hip

check was that message to me? I cant get my leg towards his head at all. I dont know how I would use the crowbar in that situation, since the crowbar already has the leg starting in ChiliDog. Are you saying that I should use my right foot on the hip to hipout and then go to Mission, and then Chili?

I just bought Eddie Bravo's "Jiu-Jitsu Unleashed" and am thoroughly enjoying it, it's a great companion to Royler and Renzo's BJJ book.

I saw that one at Barnes and Nobles, I'll probably pick it up next time I'm in Flagstaff.

I live at the Grand Canyon currently and don't get to town much.

i've been having a lot of success at the gym playing rubber guard with the
gi and have been concentrating on it for a while now. the added friction is
very helpful once in position and being able to use their gi (collar or
lapels) opens up a ton of nice chokes.

i have noticed though that's it's a lot easier for them to pick you up
if they're not completetly broken down (but this is also true for
any closed type of guard with the gi).