Attn:EddieBravo 1/2 guard Q?

Eddie Bravo,

Everyone knows your 1/2guard is awesome. Anyway, are you still working on new sweeps/ reversals from the 1/2guard?? Also, besides JJ Machado is there anyone else's 1/2 guard that impresses you??

You should just go down on Eddie and get it over with.


How can I go down on him when I am already up to my ears with your mother!!!

he is constantly tweaking his half guard shit.

i dont know about peoples half guard who he admires, but he really likes marcelo garcias back control.

I can't speak for Eddie directly, however, since i've been with him I have always been very impressed with how humble he is when teaching a technique. He always gives credit to someone when showing a move he liked of theirs. as far as half guard goes, i just talked to Eddie yesterday and he was telling me about a new sweep from his half guard.

Because I teach my students everything I know and what I'm thinking in
each position, I am forced to constantly evolve.

My half guard is always changing because I teach my students how to
counter it. Then I teach them the new version, then I eventually have to
tweak it some more, then I teach them that.

I am impressed with Jeff Glover's half guard and Ed Grubbs, who is one
of my top sutdents. Oh..........I almost forgot, Gerald's half guard is
pretty sick as well.


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i'll take partial credit for eddie's new creations since he invents half that shit while rolling with me.

as i'm tapping incessantly -- eddie: "i'll call that the 'i just fucked you up retard, choke'"

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"smoke the chronic, your game will evolve drastically."

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shaolin and shields mainly work in the half guard