Attn: Forty Thieves Clothing

 Can anyone from the company Forty Thieves Clothing shoot me an e-mail when they get a chance or if you know someone from the company let them know.


Jason Scully

The Grapplers Guide -

Their shorts are awesome.

shorts are awesome and designs are among the best i've seen mma or otherwise, but service was as slow as their designs were awesome. did end up getting what i paid for though, although it took time.

I haven't had problems with their service. Only the first time package arrived like 3 months late after being sent back to hawaii 3 times... but it was not their but the post offices fault...

I haven't ever had any problem with their stuff. Very responsive and timely.

 There shorts are definitely great! And their shirts are much nicer than 99.9% of the companies out there.