Can you please will Fedor to fight again?  

Thank you


You've been very good to your servants Benson H., Michael C,  and Jonny J., please will Fyodor to crush some more faces for my amusement as you have for so long.

 tooth fairy:  less coins and more bills please 

GSP24 -  Would you really enjoy watching Fedor fighting bums? If he can't complete at the highest level anymore, he needs to go. He's done enough. Phone Post

How do you know?   I think you make the mistake thinking training and ability has anything to do with it.

God can will a win over JDS.  Just depends who God is a bigger fan of.

 Why would you ask Fedor to will Fedor to fight again?  If he wants to, he'll just do it. 

 You guys obviously don't understand.

God currently does not want Fedor to fight.

God decides all.  Why do you think everyone thanks god for wins?  Its God who decides.  Has nothing to do with training and technique.  

Just look at Matt Serra/ GSP.  That was not a FLUKE

Its all Gods will.

Its actually Gods will that I am asking God to will Fedor to fight again.


 Dear God,

I know you're busy tomorrow, so if you could please put this on today's agenda, I'd be most appreciative.

Your pal,

PS - May be a little late tomorrow, Sunday mornings are always tough for me.

He says to tell u "No" Phone Post