Attn: Gym Owners and Promoters

I know many of the people who train at your gyms and attend your shows do not have health benefits. This is a big problem many fighters have. Well we have the answer to their needs and we need to reach this market. We need your help to make them aware of our National Choice membership and the web site.

Become a referral agent and earn an extra potentially huge income while helping out your fighters.

The referral agent program:

Our program is easy, and very rewarding! Best of all, there's no selling on your part - we do it all & you get paid! All YOU have to do is refer people to our web site and toll-free number. You can do this by placing our marketing materials in your gyms and at your shows and you will build a substantial, ongoing income.

Build Residual Income!

Residual income is the key to building an ongoing income. Residual income is when you keep getting paid, over and over, each and every month, from a sale that happened once. As you know health care coverage is paid monthly. So every month that someone you referred stays a member you get paid. When another sale occurs, the residual income from that sale is ADDED to the residual income from the previous sale. Each sale generates additional ongoing monthly income that builds and builds. That's why residual income builds wealth!

For full Deatails and to see the Income potential please visit:

If you decide to sign up as a referral agent Click on the Sign UP Now tab. Enter Promo Code: 900069