ATTN: Ian Freeman

Would YOU be interested in fighting Kit Cope sometime in the near future, when he serves his suspension?

Say, if he's willing to move up in weight to fight you, would you accept?

What is Kit Kope suspended for?

Is this the same Kit Kope that is 0-2 on Sherdog?

kit fights at 185, doesn't he?
i don't think these two will ever match up.

ttt for ian

Nagosh, yes, it's the same Kit Cope that is shown as 0-2 on Sherdog, however he's 1-2 now.

But obviously you don't know him like I do, he's a very dangerous man, and is now training with Mark Laimon and Ricco.

Kit is the Thiland Bare Knuckle Champion 2004.

4 Time World Champion

Titles Held @ Jr Welterweight


Jr Middleweight

Light Heavyweight

2 Time Nevada State Wrestling Champion

Member of the 1995 US Kickboxing Team

California State wrestling runner up


"What is Kit Kope suspended for? "

He's suspended for four months by the Nevada Athletic Commission for a brawl at the last K-1.

Freeman would tool Kit.Sorry Kit but Ian has mad ecxperiance and you are just starting.If you feel you can move up in weight while Ian is cutting to get to 205 you are in for a rude awakening because he is so strong and will manhandle you.

Travis Fulton will if Ian won't.

ttt for travis fulton fighting him

Fulton is now 8-0-0 in pro kickboxing.

"Who did Kit Cope get into a brawl with at the last K-1? "

His team mate, Marvin Eastman was getting beat up, and was getting outnumbered, so Kit, being his team mate, jumped in there and beat some ass, and being a pro fighter, he got suspended.

Sounds like someone to watch out for. Hope to see him comming up the ranks.

I dont see why Ian would want to fight him though?

I doubt even the guys who said Riggs deserved Murray (before Riggs UFC fight) could argue that Kit Cope deserves a fight against Ian.