Okay, so Tyson fell through for you. I can understand that. But what's next for the ICC? It seems like one day you were calling out the world and now....well?

Regardless, they had two great shows and I hope to see more shows from them in the future.

yeah...what's up with:

-the agreement with King

-the next show

-your "amature" shows

-DVD's of the first 2 shows

TTT for 2 great shows. I thought things were off and running with a pretty decent formula. Also, the fighters who competed in the ICC had nothing but positive comments about the promoters. So what's next?

Hi Ron
I guess I have answered this question about 30 times now – but will do so again.
We continue to work on the ICC and believe in our vision. It looked like we were going to bust out – but there were a few pieces not in place – Instead of making a wrong step we have chosen to wait to make sure we do it right. We are not on a specific time line and may do some other projects before going forward with ICC. But I believe ICC will be again holding great shows to the delight of fighters and fans of 2004. Anyone with real questions can feel free to write me at and I will do my best to answer questions. I really do not like to comment on the UG however because this place is so dominated by anonymous trolls like lobo. I have literally put 100s of hours of work into the ICC and for the sport. I have done so purely out of love for the game and to see the sport elevated to a new level. Those close to me know how hard I work and their appreciation has been reward enough. But to work that hard than then have to listen to little do nothings and have to defend myself to their ilk? Well it is easy to see why so many promoters, fighters and real fans have long since stopped coming to this site.
Ron – I know you have a genuine interest and have shown great support for the sport and know what it is like to work for the game – So please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to give you an update.
Thanks Mike

Thanks for your thoughts Mike. I will touch bases with you after the holidays.