ATTN: Jens Pulver

I was a kid. Nice to know I'm still in your head after all these years... Oh yeah, Alapaki is the name of my street.

I'll give you a response on this one. But only to hear you explain a bit more.

Thanks for breaking the ice eiuwrestler...Now spill it thread starter...

wtf are you talking about?...tell us all the juicy details :)

ttt for details?

I think i know what he means. On inside the ufc (and many other interviews) Jens said that when he was fighting Penn, after the 2nd round he saw one of Penn's corner man acting like a punk or something and it pissed him off and that gave him the motivation to go out and win the fight.

bloodwork is correct, Jens was saying how after round 2 he was done, but as he sat in his corner he saw this annoying kid in the crowd making faces and waving his Hawaiian flag, that lit the fire under his ass and he went out to win.

and I quote "I said screw it, if nothing else I'm going to piss on this kids party".

zuffa, make it happen..

LOL. Yeah this is a fight that has to happen.

Russ t, u can't be that dense. lemme spell it for you: I-T-S A F-U-C-K-I-N J-O-K-E

Lol kid with the flag .

i used to post n the forum about how BJ was gonna beat Jens to get him fired up. Obviously it did. BJ lost. Big deal. It was only Bj's 4th pro fight.


^^I concur LOFL

I thought it was something that we had squashed with a short convo and a handshake but, o well... Cretard, he may be mentioning your screename a few yrs down the road. He takes this stuff to heart.


Lelo, this is the UG. Anything is possible.
Thanks for spelling it out though.