Attn: Joe Lauzon

Hey Joe

I'd love to have you on MMAWeekly Radio soon

Give me a shout so we can get you on!

Damon Martin
Host - MMAWeekly Radio

If everyone could TTT this for me it would be appreciated!


ttt mo fo



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Sorry if I come off as ignorant, but I haven't been to this board in a while. Anyway, You may want to try the Sherdog board too. Joe was posting on there quite a bit not long ago.

ttt for completely missing the obvious.

LOL at weirdbeard.


Just a quick question for Joe: How much time do you get to put into training while keeping up with your job at the same time? Oh, and how much time did you spend training per day on TUF?

I'm just kind of curious since I'm doing my PhD while training/fighting and balancing it all is kind of a challenge.

And I've been wondering for quite a while how much training is done per day on TUF and the intensity of it...

Both L's are too funny!

On the show... we did 2 sessions. 2 and a half hours each session. We could work out everyday. Team Penn would train like 5 or 6 days in a row and then take a day off.

While at home... I train 5 days a week... usually one long session that is 4 hours per day.

Hehe, 4 hours in a row is a pretty brutal session :) Don't you get pretty spent from going at it for so long in one go?

Amazing that people had problems cutting weight with 5 hours training per day, though. I did 5-6 hours per day in Thailand and lost 22 lbs in 3 weeks. And I ate all I could. There just wasn't enough time to get enough calories :(

Yea... the 4 hour sessions suck. We go real hard for like an hour or so... then a light 45 minutes, then lots of drilling for the next 2 hours.

Jakob, what field is your PhD in?

Hehe, I think I'd have to stop and eat somewhere in the middle if my session was 4 hours long :) What I do is train conditioning, strength and sometimes drills in the morning before work, then have the sparring/technique stuff at night.

BigBopper: It's Performance Engineering in Computer Systems. I specialize in analytic modelling. As nerdy as it gets...