attn: joe rogan

i'm doing an essay about freud for school and was talking to the professor about including stuff about mma regarding primal instincts. I saw you do one interview on video and you were talking about how fighting was related to getting chicks.

i'd really appreciate if you could write down some of your thoughts about mma/fighting and primal urges like dominance, aggression, and sex.

please e-mail it to me at

thanks. btw, i trained with the machados before. now, i train with claudio franca, though

btw, if anyone else has anything interesting they'd like to share, feel free to e-mail me


Freudian works actually have absolutly no basis in proof except the theories of Siggy himself.

Kinda like me saying something and telling you it must be true because I have a theroy.

It's not like Freud did any Pavlovian experiments. He just had some good guesses and everyone said, "Ok, sure. Sounds good." and accepted it.