Attn: Joey Oddessa

I want to bet on the UFC this saturday. I've read through all of the procedures and tried to deposit through neteller but it was incredibly complicated and I was left a little confused.

So I want to just deposit directly through my credit card. Could you explain to me in layman's terms all of the charges and things I should know about making a deposit in this way, and also how I would collect my money.


most CC won't let you. he's off shore and legally not accountable as a gambling source. You can use your CC in vegas, but not to deposit to off shore gambling.



ttt for Oddessa is easy. it's the only one I've ever used.

I've had nothing but problems with Getting a withdrawl is a nightmare, the odds aren't up to date and you can never get a question answered.

I'm assuming you were talking about the pinnacle site? Shoot me an e-mail at sgavin (at) and I'll walk you thru net teller... it's really not that bad.

steve I am sad to say I've never one a single bet online LOL. I'm about 0 for 10. I bet the dogs hard on UFC 53 & 55. Doh.