ATTN: John Marsh

Congradulations Buddy!!!

Congrats to John. I was wrong about him and pay
him props.

Keith that is why I left it at pro and mods post only because I didn't want the anonymous trolls all over it.
John probably won't get to see this since he is still in Hawaii but let him know!
Thanks :)


I was wrong and give him props also

Thanks guys

I hope that Marsh will now get the shot in UFC that he definitely deserves!!

or a better promotion where fighters are treated respectful *cough* Japanese events *cough*

very classy I hope it stays that way!

He really put great combinations together, faking the
jab, hitting to the body, stopping shots with his jab.
he even got off his back to his feet. He did a
masterful job.

i actually didn't make any comments on this fight before the fact, but still... i think john marsh deserves big congrats for coming up with the right game-plan to beat cabbage last night...
no... it wasn't necessarily the most exciting fight of the evening, but there were moments where marsh put together some great combos like burton mentioned above... and he deserves all the credit in the world for winning the fight...

he won fair and sqaure and even cabbage owned up to it in his post-fight comments...

i hope he enjoys the rest of his stay here and i look forward to seeing more of him in the future...



Yes, all the posts are classy **cough**

doesn't it feel good guys to get it of your chest instead of holding it in...***COUGH*****

congrats john! i am happy to have called it. johns been underrated for a long time.

yes it does Brennan

John needs to go back to Pride

what will be next now for Cabbage?

Will he be back in UFC?

Update please SEXZ?