Attn: Kalib Starnes

Kalib, the next time you get cut and the Doctor asks you about it... please follow Joe Doerksen's lead:

From: Duke Roufus
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Date: 11/20/07 12:59 AM
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Joe is a tuf sob. His eye was jacked from the 1st rd on. He told the doc & me he could see in btween rd 1 & 2, after the doc walked away he said I can not see. He is a True Warrior. Great fight again my friend!

The doctor said "How is your vision?" I said "There's blood in my eye" Yves Lavigne said "If you say you can't see he'll stop the fight" I said "I can see, there's no problem, I want to fight" The doctor spread the cut open with his thumbs and said "I can see his skull, I'm stopping it" I said "I want to continue" and looked at my cornerman. My cornerman was staring at my cut and yelling "Why are you stopping the fight?", "What are you doing?". His comments were directed at the referee, but because he was staring at me, I was confused. That is why I became so angry, because I did not quit, and I thought that he was accusing me of quitting. We sorted things out afterwords.

Joe Doerksen is one tough sob!