ATTN: Kansetsuwaza

I met Patrick today at my friends gym. He was very nice, and was looking to train with people, MMA. I believe he used to teach at LA. Boxing, and is with Erik Paulson's CSW. He recently moved to Hoboken from Miami for work. The guy is great on his feet and the ground. I did an internet search and he's been fighting MMA since 96 which is great considering it didn't hit the US till 93. He trained in Sweden with Shooto guys as well. So if anyone knows anything about him, I would appreciate the info. Here is a couple links on him. Not the best MMA record, but look at who his losses are to:

Pat was my primary training partner in Miami for years and years. He is very intense and an excellent athlete, very good at blending athleticism, striking and grappling. His record is not complete on sherdog, and it does not reflect his abilities. He's very fast. Great submission defense. He has a very shoot style of fighting and his kickboxing is completely European, a lethal combination!

I think pat, like myself, started training before the UFC came out. We met at Bart Vale's place, and continued to SF Boxing. I've improved 1,000X since those days and I'm sure he has as well. I trained with him for over 8 years I think.

He's in the Palm Beach area.

I miss him alot. Great guy.

How did you know I trained with him? How did you know where to find me?

someone told me on another thread, to come on this forum and leave a post for you.

also, if you are still looking for his number I can email it to you. Also, whats your real name.


gotcha, yeah if the number you have is a 305 area code then it's the same. I'll email it regardless...