ATTN Kashk

hey josh,

could you please tell leo to give me a call when he arrives in rio. my number is: 2512 0077




Who would think that Superunknown has internet access in a sauna :)

i will think about it:)

Chris, How long are you in Brazil for???

until sept

Chris where are you trainning at??


Steam bath with spoons. lol

Josh, Dario here. Email me please :)

im training at dede~s academy and boy is stacked!! plenty of good guys to train with. 

Hey CHris Im leaving for Brazil today I will be trainning at Dede's for the next three months. Im going to take your number and I will call you when I get there.


nice!! see yaa when you get back

Hey Chris what's up. I am training with Dede right now. I am suprised to hear that the head academy of the BJJ team that has won the world championships 4 years straight is stacked. I hope your training is going well. Leo is still in the United States so it is better if you email me and I will email him andfgive you his email. Otherwise your email will be 100 messaages from the top when he returns.

it's funny, dede is here, you're there

sounds good aj, do you plan on doing any training in campos?

josh, i did a private with marcelinho yesterday an it was AMAZING.  his sweeping game is slick. 

so how goes training in the T dot?  sucks for me that dede is there but oh well. after seeing some of his lightweights train its pretty safe to say we need all the help we can get! 

do you have any idea when leo is going to be arriving in rio?

I hate you Chris !

When ever Leo gets back I may go to Compos but I will be at class tonight I just arrived in RIO!!!


AJ, i wont be in class tonight since ihave to get caught up with a couple of friends of mine.  besides, fridays are pretty slow,  particularily this friday since the is a tourney this weekend.

ps. training at dedes acadmey boosted my appreciation for training i get at toronto bjj, we~s got some bad maaa~s up in dis maaa too. 

Chris your going to love training with Dede when he
returns. If you can film some training and bring it
back with you.

Rob had the same feeling after competing at the ADCC.

Chris, I forwarded your number to a few saunas in Rio. They're waiting for your call!