Attn: Keith Kiser, Regarding April 24

PPPPPLLLLEEEEAAAASSSEEEE!!! Really please..I'm begging! I'm sure he has a great excuse. As manly as Uber is they probably use his natural levels to make test cyp for thousands of TRT patients. Phone Post

Kiser? lol


BaraoKix - 

Kiser? lol

Great way to get somebodys attention: spell his name wrong for the shout-out!

How dare me. I have no idea how I am going to live with myself knowing that I did that. Phone Post

^ Dear John letters tend to be more effective with the correct name.

If he sees it I think there is a solid chance that he will figure it out. Phone Post

Keith Kaiser Permanente imo.


Kaiser Bill Phone Post

sunnyko - Kizer... I'll suck your dick and anyone else's to pass him!

It's true, he sucked mine for his blue name!

breakbeatbox - Keith Kaiser Permanente imo.

Keith Kaiser Wilhelm

sunnyko - Kizer... I'll suck your dick and anyone else's to pass him! Phone Post
That's taking it to another level but props for stepping up brother! Let us know if he pm's you! Phone Post

Soza? Phone Post

Lol I hope he throws the book at him, and then gives him a really long ban and makes him pick the book up afterwards IF HES GUILTY. Show these fighters to play by the rules!sick of big fights fucking up because of idiots. Imagine all the behind the scenes work people like marquart, sonnen, reem and Barnett have cost not even getting to fans! Phone Post