Attn Khun Kao---shin cond.-part 2

Give it time!

Just grit your teeth and bear it, if you take a whack on the shin, just smile, count to 10 and then cary on with what you are doing.

Like KK said, you dont notice your shins getting harder every day, but one day you will knock your shin hard, and when it doesnt hurt, you will be shocked, but surprised.


There is no real definate answer for you. I would say that if you do the rolling pin on your own time, say at home, then I would spend about 1/2 hour doing it. If you do it during class, I'd spend between 5-10 minutes doing it.

How long does it take for your shins to condition? I really don't know, but when you find out, let us know. lol

What I mean is that it depends on a variety of factors. Depending on how your work out, how often you work out, and depending on your own bodies ability to react and adapt it is hard to give you a definate answer.

I can't even tell you how long it took my shins to become conditioned because while you are training, it isn't really something you pay attention to. Oh sure, you pay attention to the actual conditioning, but testing it out is another matter.

I didn't realize until about 2 years into training that my shins were well conditioned. You just kind of find out. I was sparring with Master K's son-in-law. We were going light with no pads, but I still cracked my shin right on his knee during a kick. I didn't feel a thing! THAT'S when I realized that my shins were conditioned.

Khun Kao

Thank you for the info; I hope it doesn't take me too
long to condition mine.

Thanks for your reply on my other thread;
but I was wondering for how long each
session should last (i.e. rolling pin)?
And also how long will it take to have
my shins conditioned properly?