Look at the shape of his melon. Humpty Dumpty never looked so badass...still don't understand why he is on the cover but meh, good for him.

This is why Dana was not at the weigh-ins today.

he was too distraught.............

Isn't putting a picture of some Go-karting champion who has an argument with Michael Schumacher at a bar on the cover the equivalent of putting Kimbo on it? Seems like there are more deserving people but marketing well seems to work.

Read the article............

Just click the pic.

no, I it matbattle?

HungryHippo - no, I it matbattle?

No, it's real. Just hover your pointer over the pic. Now look to the bottom left on your screen (assuminmg you have Windows). It will show the URL.




I think Kimbo would kill Ricco!

very good article..

It really is.........

fiercedragon - who cares?

Obvioulsy you do Buckwheat..........

obviously the elitist mma fighters cares.

The Go Kart champion does deserve a cover because he raced against Schumacher.........who beat him.

All others are number 2 or lower.

fiercedragon - 
Captain Insano X - 

time for u to go away. you can start your girlschool name calling now.


Funny how you always come on to MY threads, and tell me to go away.

I believe Buckwheat has the hotts for me..........


dhughes - So, how is this supposed to sway Kimbo haters? If anything it will make them hate him more... Well, maybe that was your point.

it's supposed to piss them off.........