I wanted to write you a quick note to let you know that we would love to have your blessing to make this thing official...UG Amateur Grand Prix. THREAD LINK

I'm sure you are already aware of our threads regarding this event. If there is any way we can have your blessing, we'd appreciate it. I know that any one of us involved would be glad to help promote and it's sponsors in whatever way we can.

Actually, I have some ideas for some marketing that could be beneficial to this site as a result of what we're doing.  Feel free to send me mail (as you'll notice, I am a paid Pro member!) or email at

Best Regards,

Bryan (supercan)

P.S.  I hope there are no hard feelings about the Miletich thread from a few weeks ago.


eerie silence

Definite eerie silence. I know Kirik has been posting tonight.

Perhaps he just wants to keep his distance for now. Smart businessmen don't just jump on things.

^^^ bingo... I have a feeling he is waiting to see if this either comes crashing down to nothing or we all get arrested... hehe.

In any event, I believe this could be a large marketing event in the least for and Kirik.

Just another reason the UG is King.

good post, allcloser.

I don't plan to make any money at all. As a matter of fact I don't want anything, but the opportunity. What someone like Kirik cannot underestimate, however, is the strength and impact of a guerrilla marketing opportunity.

I'm not saying it is just yet, but if properly incubated, this could potentially be a great little grassroots, guerrilla marketing opportunity for some people.

Kirik is a smart guy. If he is avoiding us right now that's o.k. He'll come around if he ever deems it to be a value add to his business.

is this internet matches like d&d or what?

pulls out magic cards

I will check out thread carefully on Sunday. Thanks for the heads up!

^^^ Thanks Kirik

Thanks, Kirik!

Nice, Jack. Don't get so excited that you add an "LY" to the end of your screen name, though.

i would love to do a 155 fight

TTT for the video....hopefully, this can generate momentum enough to at least get filmed in a semi-proffesional manner....anybody thought about askning quik to come up with t-shirts??


could be good............

I used to have a marketing company. I did graphic design and video production. I'll be doing my best to make sure that much of this is well documented and all videos posted....especially the actual fight!

Use me as the middle man if you need with Kirik for the ICE show. I'll help as best I can if you guys are serious about fighting.

vengence...we're serious about this. Dan "Dreamer420" Baker and I, Bryan "supercan" Fyock have been in contact. We're working closely together to make this happen and do it right.

We appreciate your help very much. Looking forward to hearing from Kirik, too.

BTW, do you live in the Cincy area?

We are dead serious about it Vengence.

I'm a definate, I live in Cincinnati anyway.

I will not let you down short of something major making me drop out i.e. injury, death in the family, etc..

I know many UG challenges have fallen through before but I for one don't want to pull out.

Also, thank you Kirik for popping in, we'd really appreciate your blessings and support on this.

I sent you an MMA mail earlier too.

yeah bro.
I live around tri-county mall area....well wyoming/springfield township to be exact.

I'll be at the Extreme Challenge Show tonite at Wall2Wall sports Center in Mason.

I got your mails. And Ive been overloaded with school and work. But I intend to help you guys out with this. I think it is a really cool concept, and a way to promote, and also SixDeuce since they are solid for our sport.


are you guys gonna be betting any money on this...evryone pitch in some take the money