Attn Kirik

I have lost your email address and can not locate it on your site. I need to ask you about some stuff.

Alright, I have emailed that 3 times, is that the correct email??

yeah, thats right, sometimes it takes him awhile to respond

Is there someone else that I can talk to about a screen name change??

don't call it email, call it sprawl then he will respond promptly.

i belive just kirik can do screen name change

Apologies for the delay. I made the changes, but to the cym___ account. All should be fine upon re logging in.

Thank You

small Y please

all set on re log in :-)

No kidding, opening up Jan 1st in Las Vegas. Taking over the old LVCC on Durango. It's going to be huge!!!


sounds cool as shit

The Durango school is 2000 sq ft. We just tore down some walls and currently now have 1500 sq ft of mat space. We are adding 9 new bag racks and a cage. It will be huge as in who is going to be training and teaching there as well. If everything goes well, there are plans for a new, state of the art, training center in the near future. XTC will be huge in many ways.

When will you have a web site up for this. 

Best Wishes.


It is looking like the middle to end of next week. We are just approving the mock ups now. The web site will be or Both will work.