can you contact me when you see this post.
9pm friday now.


can you guys keep this at the top for me.


thanks for the red x lenny

That pic'll never get old


emailed this thread to him

I assure you that about 50% of the major fighters out there would look similarly retarded throwing open hand strikes.

No one really trains for it.

But still, funny pic.

I switched websites hosting the pic...does it work now?


sovann- thanks


Don't know the guy and he's probably a quality fighter, but goddamn that cracks me up

since this thread got hijacked with that picture, just a thought..... he has mad skills on the ground, and his last two fights have still ended up with his opponent face down on the mat, tko'd from strikes.


"Who's your daddy!" [T-Dawg as he lays the smackdown.]

you are of course

*raises hands in air and bows to sovann*

oh wait, he still hasn't contacted me yet.

*lowers hands and turns away*

LOL! Let me go back and edit my post.

still waiting.....