Attn: Ladies! Mike Jen Seminar NY

Mike Jen Seminar

Where? NYMAG

When? Saturday, Feb. 28

How Much? $50

Private lessons are available.

Register - 845 452 7044

Your punk ass is dead.


THAT IS FUNNY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh my dear lord.

Is that "romoshopped" or...? :)


sorry, I have to fix the's well, complicated, but my analyst says I'm doing better*damn typos*

Bolo's a beast!!



this is going to be an interesting seminar.

BTW- Second time in a row Gene has scheduled Bolo's seminar against a major Quebec bjj/mma event. No love for the Franco-Canuckistani's. We'll remember this come maple syrup season, eh.

Jagg - are you officially requesting pixelization?


I didn't even have to use my master photoshop skills on this sh!t.He laughs at me when he beats me ... it's cruel, really.

This thread is classic LOL

where did the picture go????

I had to redo my server, so instead of leaving up the dreaded red-x's, I removed the posts. I still have the pictures, however.

Did I mention Gene's anti-Quebec scheduling practices? :)