Do us all a favor and knock a couple of bisbing's teeth out. Yeah, he might be the better striker- but his chin isn't as strong as yours. I think its time for a stamp.

ttt for the Cat Smasher!

 Kick his ass seabass!!!.....ok...seriously, beat the shit outta Bisping.

It's a fantastic match up, i'm a fan of both guys, can't wait to see it!

 No way is Leben winning this fight. The Count is going to be all over him.

I would love to see Leben ktfo Michael "wtf is he saying " Bisbing.

 I've recently become a big fan of leben and I've never really liked Bisping, I hope Leven tears him up

 I don't think Justin Levens if fighting in the UFC anymore.

Leben by weathering the storm. Let's go Chris!


its been confirmed. WAR crippler

TheLurKing - 
ECWCock - Attn: Leben:

In the 3rd round when the fight is well in hand, give us your best Kalib Starnes impression.

LOL at the Irony of that statement considering Kalib beat him.

Everyone has to hit a bottom before pulling themselves up- In the cripplers fight with Martin, everything from the staredown to his after fight interview pointed to a much more mature, and focused fighter. I rewatched that fight last night and Chris just sounded like a completely different person.
When Kalib decided he wanted to fight, he was able to compete. When he decided to tuck- he also was successful. Leben gets rocked and he continues forward. Starnes immediatlely thinks about medical bills- Ken Shamrock- and BC bud.

and exactly what excuses did I make LurKING? wipe the seamen outta your eyes and read the post again.

 13 homeboy- get er straight. Since your obviously a product of Miss Cleo with all your mind reading going on, let me fill you in with what I was thinking when i typed that comment. 

Leben got beat by Kalib who was a better fighter that night. Lebens next fight, after moving to Hawaii, he came out fighting like a more mature fighter. He wasn't going for broke (in the first 2 rounds) and fought a technical, smart fight. Then, in his interview, he dedicated the fight to his students, gave a well-spoken speech, and sounded like he had some kind of awakening. Something that can happen to a fighter after a loss. 

So, i would give up trolling for your not that good, but when it comes to semen, your the champ! 

Terry Martin and Alessio Sakara are both better boxers than Bisping, and Leben has more power than he does.

While Chris' striking might not be normal, but the unconventional angles and form definitely work for him. I can't wait for this fight, I just hope this fight doesn't go to decision, or he will be "Hammil-ed".