ATTN: Loaf,Geoff,Pato

Uncle Gord's coming for hugs next Sat. Geoff, can I sleep in your car?

Gord I'll be at home after 11 tonight. 905 655 4233


Do not associate with these tyrants. They are bad for the sport, bad for you and bad for your reputation.

That said, how long are you here for? May I join the festivities?

Uncle Gord you can sleep in my bed. Joe will be around for blowjobs late Saturday night. He loves it when we have trains run on him.

gord, joe is right!!! specialy loaf, i don't now about that guy but he got some think what i don,t like....
what about the tapes??? whats is going on??

Are those Ontairio guys stealing Gord away from us Edmontonians?

Hey Guys,

Uncle Gord's been playing Canyon Man in the Alberta Rockies away from his computer. I'll be getting to Montreal on Thurs nite, talked to Jay and he will pick me up and let me know who gives the best blow jobs. I've had some pretty good blowjobs so you better give it your best.

How's training going? I hear Pato is a killer. Can't wait to see him in a real match.

Esfiha, I'm going to try and get a copy of the fights to bring with me. Paul is just putting the finishing touches on it now, I hope it's ready before I leave.

Uncle Gord

thanks gord, about the blow job i think u should go for loaf hes ok...

Hey Jay, I arrive at 9:17pm on flt 668.

Esfiha, Loaf gives great hugs and that's where Gord thinks he'll leave it with him. But no more Naked Hugs, that's just wrong.