Hey Matt, email me ASAP, this is important!!

Send a contact # also.

Todd"CRAZY T"Carney

Todd, I have not your phone number. Call me on my business/fanphone at (937)626-4994.

what up todd? how you been.

Matt, remember what we talked about. Take care. Hopefully I'll see you at the fights.

I'm hang'n in there Brian. What happened at the tourney? I heard that you should have had it won. It sucks when things happen like that. I hope all is well. Take care and train hard!!

hey guys i miss it! I will be back in 6 months. Best wishes, train hard and i will see you when i get back

Shannon "The Cannon"

Thanks to all and please stay safe..

I hit nick thompson with a solid hook in first fight (rd. 1). flash ko, but followed down, ref stoppage.

jesse chilton didn't want to advance cuz of illness. john renken, dec. loser to sean hoffman, comes in as a survivor. rd. 1 i controlled, but was knocked down with a high kick that i blocked. sucked, but no worry. finish strong. rd. 2 dominate and get back with 30sec. left. elbow to back of head. ref stop, deduct point seconds later. finish rd. 2 in my guard after i tried throw with 10 secs. dominate rd. 3.

i was told the score on 2 cards was 28-28, before a 4-5 minute conversation with scorecards in hand, in renkens corner. ref john dixon apologizes before decision is read.

then thompson fights renken in finals. the two guys i beat up, fought in the finals. bs, but whatcha gonna do, no commission, nad can't really win arguement with promoters, so i respectully bit my tongue, and still don't mean any disrespect to renken or the ffc, but it was a tough one to swallow.

ramblings aside, hope you are doing well big fella.