Attn Matt Thornton and Luis G.

Everyones favorite 400lbs kung-fu guy is again posting that he challenged you to a fight and that you never responded, which everyone here knows is Bullshit, but I can not find the old thread.
If you guys could come to
and post again I would really appreciate it.
I don't like the idea of this bullshit artist talking crap about people that are working to evolve MAs with out them getting a shot to respond.

All was said and quite frankly done in a manner that was all too kind to someone who clearly had and still has intentions short of honesty, well being, and health in order. He got off real easy.

Truth and / or reason as well as video is lost on that guy.

I imagine all those threads are still in the downloads section of that site under style vs style.

I for one am long done with him and what he is.


IMHO, he is emotionally/mentally disturbed. He needs professional help, counseling and possibly some prescription medication. No joke.

Leave him alone and don't egg him on.

Yeah, but I get tired of bullshit.
HE keeps posting that Matt is the one ducking him and that is utter bullshit.

lol he's back, even after that clip of him rolling and gassing to some1 (I think the above poster?) who was just relaxing (not even trying to win) in less than a minute?

If that had been an all out fight, the guy in white would have beat kung fu 400lber easily, even though with the massive weight advantage this shouldn't be the case, I bet it would.

I feel sorry for him though, and for just about all the other people who are simply wrong about the Martial Arts and MMA etc (street vs sport, forms, no sparring vs sparring, resistance training, "aliveness" etc etc)

I saw the video of Luis rolling with him on the ground. It did not look like a challenge where both people were feverishly trying for a submission or termination but just friendly exercize - and a hell of a lot of exercize for Luis who seemed to have positional dominance. The sweep/reversal Luis did from the open guard was probably the equivalent to 6 months on the leg machines in the gym.

Maybe I'll challenge Luis - after I gain about 250lbs so I weigh as much as that huge guy he rolled with in the video. I'll make a cross country pilgrimage stopping at every single all-you-can-eat buffet on the way.

Also I don't think it is nice for you guys to keep referring to him as a '400lb kung fu guy.' He was dressed in black and that should make you look at least 10 pounds lighter.


You have my sympathies. I read that post and that guy sounds like a fat-ass moron. Lots of potty mouth....big bark, but as it bite....

Any chance you guys can delete his account?