ATTN: Mayhem Cult Bretheren...

#001 Checking in....

Our biggest trolls are exposed!


Users with different screen names with identical IPs on this thread

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  • tapout38821
  • jzg4721

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The IP thingy is never very reliable. Many people seem to have the same IP.

Dougie, you are correct, but when it's a troll job like these guys, it's a good possibility that they either equal one person or they're "buddies" using the same computer. 

It's our job to always be on the ready for these issues.

You're right, it's our duty.

all they do is make us stronger and keep our threads to the top.

now drop your pants and dance.


LOL @ KTFO still trying to bad mouth Mayhem!

wow jzg4721 that's a impressive use of words you must have at least made it to 2nd grade dont hate cause Mayhem beat your fav fighters a$$ (who ever it is )just realize the skills he has #249

mayhem is #2 funky-fresh fighter in mma!

Word to the trolls: IT'S OVA!

Mayhem Cult Member #713 everyone do the no pants dance!!!!

013 out!!!!

I think we have to do the sane and sensible thing with the trolls.

KIll them.

187 ttt

How is ktfo still bad mouthing mayhem ?

777 TTT

Dougie is very wise. Not so much a great student, but still very wise nonetheless.