ATTN: Mayhem & Nick Diaz...

Since there's apparently gonna be no compromise on a catch weight for a Strikeforce fight, just fight in the gym.

That offer has always been out there (from Nick's side) & it seems that this is the last viable option for a fight between the two of you to actually take place.

Let's get it done in the gym, behind closed doors! :)

BTW, knowing the two of you (albeit in a very limited fashion), it's 100% certain that NEITHER of you is scared to knuckle up with the other. Anyone that says otherwise is just blinded by their nut-huggery or too close to the beef. It seems the real issue is with the terms when big money is involved.

In a gym war, there's no money, so no issues. Get it done this week at a neutral gym or something!

Then, the UG can STFU about this.


Kind Regards,
G-Hands aka Akosa

^^^ How is it illegal?? It's a Kimbo/Gannon sparring session.

& who gives a shit if the fans can't see it??

This is some personal shit. If they really want to settle it, the gym war seems like the best option & the only one that really has a good chance of happening, given the current deadlock.

The whole, "this guy's scared"... "no! that guy's scared" shit is old and a bunch of bullshit.

Neither are scared of each other.

It seems to be about negotiations due to money and ego about dictating the terms.

Why would they fight for free when the could make money? Phone Post

Why would they fight for free when they could make money? Phone Post

Well then the whole "he's scared" shit should be dropped.

because they can fight for SURE anytime at the gym.

It's absurd to think either is actually scared of the other.

Nothing would be settled. The entire 209 would jump in after 10 seconds and Mayhem would probably escape unscathed again.

Sign the contract Nick.

^^^ WRONG.

Netural gym location & limits on how many people are in the gym solves that.

This is not the first time something like this will have happened in the history of MMA/NHB/Vale Tudo/etc

^^^ I know.

All I'm saying is the whole "he's scared" shit is played out. Neither are scared of the other.

There is a fight ready to happen as soon as this week.

Anyone buying into the "scared" shit is too close to the beef or full of nut-huggery.

They want to get paid....
plus Diaz would punk out

ghands is correct

the offer for mayhem to walk in and settle it at anytime was on the table months ago

stop pretending like its about anything but money and publicity for mayhem


BTW, I'm not just putting all this on Mayhem. I know it may seem that way, but I'm not. What I'm saying is NEITHER is scared of the other... & anyone that says otherwise just aint looking at it objectively.

If they want to fight that bad, then there's a fight that can happen asap.

But if it's about negotiations due to money and ego regarding dictating the terms, then let's call a spade a spade.

That's what BHop & RJJ did back in the 90's. There was no mistake that personal beef was real and the ego in the negotiations is what prevented the fight. But, in that case, neither continued with the "scared" campaign... That's just played out.

correct again. neither of these guys are scared of anyone. after the beating mayhem took from gsp (with a smile) i doubt hes scared of nick. and after the wars nick has been in and made himself a champion i highly doubt hes scared of a goofy guy like mayhem.

no one is scared, homie.

StoutGapedTheQueen - If Diaz is willing to jump Mayhem on national TV, they can fight one-on-one on national TV.

It seems you are missing the point & are either too close to the situation or too caught up in the nut-huggery.

Let me as you "Stout".... Why do you think this fight has not been signed??