Attn:Michigan Re: MFC Schedule

Metro Fight Club is back from it's holiday hiatus with new classes and class times... In addition to our regular advanced classes we have added beginner classes for those wanting to start learning and training MMA in a less aggresive enviroment... We are also in final negotiation to bring you boxing classes with a professional boxing coach and that info will be up soon as well..JOIN TODAY!! METROFIGHTCLUB.NETMFC

ttt for getting my ass handed to me for 2 hours last night by your beginners!

legbender, you are fierce!! Never doubt that!! Welcome to the club droogie..

Thanks Q! We will see tomorrow at 6.


Phrancis, shoot me an e-mail


The skull logo looks VERY similar to the tattoo on my arm. Seriously! Send me money right now, or I will sue you Q! ;)

Good luck with the school, and I hope to eventually come and train again. The plan is to come and train the next time that I am visiting family in Michigan...hopefully, this summer! :)

Easily one of the best places to train in our state.

BZLJJ, we would love to have you back!! Let us know bruz...Oh and I am more worried about the "M" in metro being a copyright infringement..It's an upside down wu-tang "W".