ATTN: Mike Block

Hey Mike, could u call me. I need to talk to u about few fighters Ron Krull 906-748-6560



That's smart.

One of the most hated members of this forum posting his phone number.

ttt. From all acounts, Krull seems to have cleaned up his image. I don't know personally, but you know that doesn't stop a guy from posting on this forum.

I am a great judge of charecter; he gets my support.

You spelled my name wrong.

Mike Block = Ring Warriors from MN

Its still going to happen.... just couldnt go on the Nov card I guess... Bryan never told me he didnt have room but apparently told Ron there wasnt any so w/e

Gonna see what I can do for Jan/Feb.

anybody know mike's email or phone #

Send him an email on his account. It is either under "Mike Block" or "Ring Warriors" in the search.