ATTN MODS..............

Make a sticky for Roxy. She is after all "one of us", and I have a good feeling she's going to get on TV tonight!

Stop kissing up.

I cant Evil, she changed my mind about womens mma.

of course i do, i asked him on another thread and didnt get a response. I'm hoping its because hes too busy


Train Judo -  

 Bouncing @Circus you must have seen a lot of them.

if supporting a fighter you like is stalking, than GUILTY AS CHARGED!

 I think Chris, Gabe, and Kirik are the only ones that can "sticky" threads?


You've admittingly been watching her vids and vlogs over and over again the last few days. Even toi the point that your co-workers are noticing your obsession.She's all you've talked about for days, and now this thread..

I would be creeped the fuck out man..Just being honest.. 

Maybe you are related or a good friend of hers, and Im just over analysing..But if not, you need an intervention.

dont be jealous tj, just because you have no fans.

OK, stalk away..

When you're in the back of a patrol car, dont say I didn't try.

thanks for your concern