ATTN: Morons

Anyone want to bet on the fight between KenFlo and Kit Cope? I got KenFlo

special thanks to Nick "The Goat" Thompson, future UFC Fighter

"LOL at me clicking on a thread with this title. "

Same here...but somehow I just knew he was talking to me...

When the thread title specifically says attention to me I click.

Now I just need someone who wants to take the bet... tricked me once...not again!

dammit Chris... I know YOU want to take the bet.

dumb? yes...certifiably insane? no...

You still owe me for the Fickett/Koscheck fight...

I am fully aware...I would have sent but you said to wait until we cross'll be at Dl tomorrow right? Damnit!!!!! haha

I like having people owe me money, so I can call them scumbags at times like this, and they cant really defend themselves.

kope is overrated

I'll fight you for it..errr I mean...dammit!

Joe -let's bet on you vs. Skinner...I get you...

since i put it on the bodyshot thread and still have it in my cache:



Chris.... how much cash can you gather up for that bet?

about $2.50

i wanna fight Pikes.
but tai pai death match rules only.

and the broken bottles have to be Budweiser or Killians.

and there will be flaming tables.

"Morans" that is funny


Are you going to dip your hands in honey and gummy bears like the invincible Topper Harley in Hot Shots Part Deux?

thats only if we dotn drink enough beer before the fight.

plan b was shards of stale grahmm crackers and jolly ranchers