Attn: Mr. Harris

Hi! I just had a quick question; a few weeks ago there was some talk about your BJJ 101 DVD being on sale for a short time after a problem was cleared up on the site. I haven't been on your site for a while and was just wondering if there was a sale on it? (Just so I know how much it is WHEN I order it!!!)



The normal price is $39.95. The sale prices are usually $24.95 or

Roy Harris

SALE? I just ordered bjj101 on the 23rd. Did I order it in the sale time frame? If not that sucks. Oh well.

Is it on sale now?

When it's on sale, the store price reflects that. When it's on sale, you know about it, it doesn't get magically updated after you check out.

Alright, alright, us Jersey folks are a little slow. Andrew, how you doing up there? Will I see you at Almeida's this summer?

Mark, definitely. The eyedrops I'm taking now are making my eye inflamed, so I can't get new contact lenses for my right eye, but I'm scheduled to go off these drops at the end of May. Also once he moves to Hamilton it will be a lot more convenient for me to get down there.