Attn: Nate Quarry

I am sitting by Barbara Kite your speaking coach/mentor/or just someone helping ya :-)

I am joining a non-profit who within their first year as a non-profit they fed over 1,000,000 orphans.

So... I joined the National Speakers Association bc I will be speaking for Hello at events, concerts, etc promoting their products which... A 25$ KILLA watch can feed 125-150 people!

Anyways I'm getting to know Barbra Kite a bit and she told me to tell u hello. ps... Don't ever say yes or no ma'am to her... Lol

Hope your doing good and best of luck with your new show brotha! My best wishes and prayers are with ya. I told her your the man, and we both agree your going to go extremely far bc of your intellect, how personable you are, and how well spoken.

Best wishes brotha! Phone Post


TTT for Nate! Phone Post

TTT for Zombie Cage Fighter!