Attn: Nick "Goat" Thompson

Hey I got those goats you wanted for the party.  Also the farmer said something about the goats being new to the business.

Anyways, I got something you might like call me, email me but get a hold of me ASAP!!!!

Please TTT this unitl Nick gets with me this damn goats are driving me nuts!!!


TTT for NICK!!!

Taking on my boy Todd in a few weeks!!!!


Nick Thompson, Bitches!!!

Thompson will beat Todd bad....


carlao, I don't ahve your number. I'll e-mail you and you can call me. OR else I'll see if I can get ahold of dave.


BOOM and it's done!!!!!!

The goats are happy, Nick you need to clean this mess up when you get a chance.

Are the goats still happy Carlao? I heard this is a no go now. Is Nick still fighting? I have a plane ticket already!!!!!

I am still fighting. Just the opponent has changed. So we will be partying the sunshine state.

WHo is the new opponent? When are you going down there Nick?