Attn: nogisoldier

You going to fight in R@R or SportFight this year? How long have you been training?

the only people i would fight are from rob histamoto's crew because i think they are puds. i'm really not seriously pursuing the spotlight. (nor the wicked ass-beating that would be dealt me by many local guys at my current weight- 205). did i say something that would lead you to believe i intend to fight? sometimes i have a passing fancy. let's just say i will fight grudge matches if one is proposed, but i have no desire to jump into the public eye with the fighting- that is a one way path for me!

oh yeah if this has anything to do with my name- i don't know what is up with it i just kind of came up with something- i think at the time i felt disdain for traditional jits guys, but now i know better!

I was just wondering because from your posts it sounded like you are training at team practices? And with Sportfight and possible TV deal it seems like the team is growing. Everytime I swing by the gym there are lots of new faces. I talked with David Kohn the other day and he said that it is amazing how many guys are training Vale Tudo now. Do you do the Cross Training and Sub Grappling classes only?

Yeah, 205 lbs is a tough weight class these days. But you have the right training partners to get better that's for sure. Why do you say jumping into the public eye would be a one way path for you?

It felt like that way for me for different reasons. Now I am just a fan. If you see the Pirahna tell him I miss the weekly beatdowns and I'll come in and say hi sometime soon.

we met before, last summer or so. i think i gave you bob sapp vs. nog hilight video. and you watched liddel/couture at usa auto.

How long have you been at the gym?

Do I know you?

if that is your real name then no i don't know you jacob. i've been there since last spring.

What's your name?

what's yours?

Jacob Lamb...

I'm 6'0" 240 and missing one of my two front teeth(compliments of Greg Piper).

I haven't been in much in the last few months.

Ah yes, and you hooked me up with Lawler/Riley highlights. One of my three favorite fights.

damn jacob you let little greggy knock your toof out? just joking i'm pretty big too, and i have had greggy ring my bell before.

i just had an ortho check out my knee. i won't be in the gym to workout for a while.

"I'm 6'0" 240 and missing one of my two front teeth(compliments of Greg Piper)."

Jacob, that sucks, were you wearing a mouthguard?
How is the training going by the way? When will I see you in the cage?

What's up Phil?

I've been in the gym probably three times in the last four or five mnonths.

I gotta get back in there!

I wanna fight, but I can't seem to commit to getting in shape.

I ain't giving up though.

One day...

"I wanna fight, but I can't seem to commit to getting in shape."

This is where you go wrong. Commit to fighting/training then you will get into shape. You've got it backwards.

I'm not gonna sign to fight when I'm in terrible shape.

It might motivate me enough to get in shape, but what if it doesn't?

I get my head broke and embarass the gym.

I count at least 4-5 statements/ideas in the last post that are holding you back. As long as you think negatively you will behave negatively. Like Randy says, you have to reframe it into something positive.

You want guarantees. There are no guarantees. You throw yourself into (COMMIT!!!!!!!) and you get the joy in the journey, not the destination.

Change you thinking, you will change your outcomes.

"You want guarantees. There are no guarantees."

Sure there are.

If I'm in good shape, I'm guaranteed to be in good shape.

If. If. If. Change that to When.

You'll be in good shape. Still no guarantee you won't get your head broke or that you'll "embarrass" the gym.

You are thinking of all the reasons you will not/cannot succeed. Sounds like you are convinced. You are convincing me too.

Instead of arguing semantics - ""You want guarantees. There are no guarantees."
Sure there are." - tell me how you picture you will succeed. If you can't envision that you will not achieve that.

You sound bored. You sound like you don't really want to fight. If you did, you would do what it takes to do it.

Guys that tell you, "Oh, yeah, Team Quest, I should go join and train." You know they don't believe that, because if they really did, they would sign up and do it. Same deal with you man.

"Still no guarantee you won't get your head broke or that you'll "embarrass" the gym."

Thanks. lol