Can you tell Patrick to check his email at your site. I sent him several files with stuff he wanted. If you didn't get them all I will send some each night, the files are big, and some email providers dont let you send so many small but big files. I'll simply break them down for you and Patrick.



Just kidding Jay. I have a pic for you. Its Shaolin giving you a triangle.



Thanks Jay. Patrick is 'Magnus77' on the forum, in case you were wondering.


I thought he was but then there's another MAGNUS name on the forum and I wasn't sure who was who. I hope they helpout. If you want me to do others on another day for you or to set something up for others let me know.

Hey Jay,

Thanks for sending those over to me. I've cleared out some space now so you can send a few more when you have a minute.

Magnus77 I sent about 7 to you I hope you got them all. Some didn't turnout and some I got rid of because they were junk. But I can get more maybe this Sunday if you like. The 3 of us could even just set time aside to do what ever either of you want. Let me know what your thinking.