Attn Odessa or anyone applicable

How is firepay? I am a very paranoid person and have had my reserves signing up my bank account. But I did becsue it appears my Bank wont allow my credit card to be used. Any info or feedback about Firepay is appreciated.

I have to be honest, I have only used 1 online banking service out of Canada a while back and ended up having problems. I have always used Western Union and just left my money posted up for significant time as to never worry about payouts. Plus I am in Costa Rica now, so it makes it so easy to get money transfered btwn people here in the biz. Naturally the Greek is in Jamaica, but he does book to book transfers about everywhere, but that still doesnt help your situation. I think Surfin Joe or SubWhiteB would be better served answering this question as they are on same side of fence as you in regards to betting, while I mostly book. IMO I don't think you can really get hurt using Firepay or Netteller. I just had way too much loot in one basket and ended up screwed by the bank. 100k invested and lost nearly 45k when all was said and done.

Ouch. thanks for the response, if anything Ill just set my limit real low like 100 bucks or so, so I cant lose alot.

sub- thanks for the info bro though somewhat scary, I am now a little aprehensive to make a deposit to my Firepay account now.

i've used firepay with thegreek and some online poker sites with my checking account, and they've been fine. Much better than waiting 4 weeks for a check that you don't know if it's even been sent out, although I've never had a problem with that either.

you mean they stiffed you out of 45K outright? or did you lose it betting?

tough break.