Attn: OV1

Attn: Brian Oravetz

Since you've seen fit to come on here and set up an unsolicited smear campaign against me and my friend Lloyd Irvin, I would like to ask you for an open apology. You are more than welcome to criticize the service that you BELIEVE wasn't satisfactory (which I believe was more than reasonable - replying to a customer service concern within 48 hours within with an action plan of recompense is more than reasonable) but to get on here and call people Scammers and not know the situation or fully explain it is just 100% incorrect. 

I do believe that Lloyd refunded you ALL of your money, as I have done and I don't believe that you have been taken advantage of in any situation. You've openly talked about my product in a negative light before even receiving it and then began to speak negatively in a forum in which many of my customers, friends and fans frequent which may or may not have a direct effect on my business. I mean, you haven't watched one second of the DVD and you've criticized the price. YOU sir were and are out of line and after speaking with you today, you admitted that you were, but you have yet to take the same obnoxious and quick action ,that you did when you emailed me incessantly, to clear up what you've written.

The emails that you said were SPAM were sent out from 7 - that's right - 7 Lists that YOU signed up for which you could have easily unsubscribed yourself from but you did not.  You were also on over 10 list of Lloyd which he has also remove you from because neither one of us wants for you to be upset and we want for you to be happy.

I certainly hope that you enjoy the FREE $497 package The Grind (which will probably go up to $697 next year -  once I add some more items to the package)  that I provided you as a Christmas gift. And in the spirit of Christ I will tell you that I love you, that I respect you and that I'm very disappointed that you have treated me like this but I love you anyway.

May God Bless you and your family and remember that Jesus is the reason for the season.

Take care.

I hope santa puts a big lump of coal in OV1's stocking! LOL