Attn: Pecker will fight anyone...

 It's true. I was talking with Pecker today and he will fight anyone at 155 in in MMA in any promotion in Canada. Possibly the USA too.

He also says he will win. 

Canario !!

guardbr8kr - Canario !!
Canario and Pecker are friends. Never happen.


 Sadly, that's not a funny face he's making. That's how he actually looks when wrapping his hands.




 Wow, the fear of Pecker here is like a lesbian convention.

Who is Pecker?

Or do you mean that you where talking to your pecker? Sorry I am lost.

 Alex "Pecker" Gasson.

He'll fight anyone at 155. Set it up.

Dougie's Treehouse of Death Main Event

Pecker vs. Canario

Only 1 Will Fly Away Unscathed!

p.s. It will be Pecker


Double Post that I will now cover up by pretending it wasn't........


Wait a sec.  Are you talking about Pecker from the OG?  No way that guy can make 155.  Unless maybe he's only 4 feet tall

 No, not the same pecker.

 Now that MMA may be legal in Ontario, "Dougie's Treehouse Of Death" may happen!

 ok.  as an OG regular sell me on this pecker instead of the pecker I know already.

 Um, well, I go to this Pecker's striking class every Wed. Does that help?

yah but the og pecker looks like this.  who would you rather fight?