I'm gonna be in the city on tuesday and I want to get some training in. I'm looking more specifically for something to do during the day, any phone #s and addresses would be stellar.

Hey pigdog,

we train BJJ weekdays from 1-2pm at 12730 St. Albert Trail.

phone me @ 220-5425, the name of the clubis Arashi-Do Martial Arts

Names Mike

More than welcome to come on down

hey leo i could do some training too
give me a shout 780-233-6061 before noon or leave a message how long you in edmonton for im going to vernon on friday

Roger A 995-4533

Shit!! I missed my bus, I'll be in town tomorrow

Way to go sleepyhead...

lol :)

Right now I'm staying at 83rd ave and 107th st. Am I anywhere within walking/biking distance??


Panthers Gym Downtown Edmonton
-Great Boxing
-Great Conditioning
-Grappling Mats

*Mornings around 10:30 am to 12:30 very good bunch of guys train there. Check it out I'm sure you'll like it.

you can get a ride with me to arashi-do
john 903-6919
I work at the black dog so I'm very close to where you are if you are going on wed. or thurs.

Sweet, I'll call you soon. Please tell me you guys train without a gi?!?