ATTN: People who get flyers......

If you received flyers for past UFC events then you are on the list for UFC 47 and future events.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you have recently or if you ever have a change of address, please let me know the new address so I can make the necessary changes to the mailing list.

Also, if the flyers just sit in your house.....Please contact me to be taken off the list. There are alot of people who are waiting to be put on the list.

Please email me or to make changes or to take yourself off the list.

Thanks everyone!!!!

ttt Sooner or later a pic of Saucy will be put on the forum.

If I have to I will drive around with a video camera to all the places I post them at.My flyers DO NOT STAY HOME.

lol stinkin....



Beth send me stuff!


I'm sending you flyers.





Again, I am not sure if you guys need anyone out here in North Vegas, but I am right next to a Gold's Gym, and I already asked at the 24 hr Fitness where I train and they said to have at it (to leave a few flyers at the check-in desk). I could also leave them at the martial arts schools around here (there are a few). Let me know if you guys need help?

i had my flyers everywhere. my school , other schools, gyms bars u name

Angelo Franco


throw some flyers this way...i'll put them around the ucf area (orlando)

lol ignored again.

I put my fliers everywhere! :)