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Hello Dave Jacobs,

What kind of attorney are you?? Also, have you ever had the urge to armbar a client??

how many dave jacobs are there??

he works for the govt investigating perverts on internet forums.  he is deep undercover.

David actually practices copyright law in the entertainment industry. Here is his latest project:

"There's nothing more primal than men wrestling in the woods! Deep in the endless mountain region of northern Pennsylvania, men from around the world meet up each year for some hot and sweaty man-to-man wrestling action. This video features TEN guys wrestling it out in the wilderness in great submission matches. The video features TONS of holds: SCISSORS, SLEEPERS, BEARHUGS, NELSONS, you name it! One match includes a run in with the county sheriff, who strips down to his wrestling gear in a challenge that ends in a devastating sleeper hold! This video is a rare find, no glitter or spotlights like on TV-- it's real men wrestling out in the wild, the way it should be. Digitally mastered, superb quality audio and video."

I play with my erection daily.

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TPK does not exist some say

I believe his firewall blocks out anything work related.