Attn: Pep

 In the blue corner: America's new darling - no homo- Kelly Pavlik vs the willy veteran, the executioner,  Bernard Hopkins?

Youth, speed and power vs skill, ring generalship, crafty veteran skills and still KO power. 

Who wins in your opinion.  Others chime in too.  Very intriguing fight.  Watch this and then UFC 89 where Leben will take Bisping's head off, live on Spike TV. 

Pavlik by whatever he wants. This would have been a good fight 3-5 years ago. Hopkins has lost a step.

 He did floor Calzage!  My prediction: PAIN

Winner:  The fans!!!

 Also: Oscar De La Hoya vs Pacman (Manny Pacquio) at 147lbs using 8 ounce gloves DEC 8 in Vegas!