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Hey pete, I was wondering where do you run your promotion out of? is it in ottawa? Im asking because Im going to Algonquin College in the fall in Sports Business managment and the program requires I do an internship for the year along with my classes. I was wondering if I could contact you somehow to see if that would be a possibility.


Thanx dougie this is important ppl



Both Freedom Fight events have been in the capital region and I have worked very hard to build that market however my office is 5 hours West of Ottawa.

Contact me at any time, I would like to hear more about your goals and see where things go from there.

best rgards,


aite thanks pete ill be in touch with u

Just emailed u Pete hope u get it

As a supporter and business partner of Freedom Fight,. I will send some info to Mr Rodley about my involvement with Sports Canada, I also teach at Algonquin, so that might be of some help to you

awsome, what do u teach cancukgurl? I'll probably be one of your students next yr if you teach in the sports business managment program at Algonquin

Nice talking with you Patrick...I will be in Ottawa VERY soon and we will surely hook up to look at things.

See you then as well Gurl :)

all the best,


oh Pete im from Quebec City damn I guess I should have mentioned that.. Well anyways I'll most likely be in Ottawa sometime in June to visit Algonquins campus I dont know if we could arrange to meet each other on the campus and maybe sit down with the director of my program to work somthing out. We'll have to see what happens.

Right on Mr Rodley.. ;)

I teach in Tourism & Travel, so I doubt you would be one of students :)

Best of luck to you, Algonquin is a great school and they are well recognized.

oh ok.. what campus are u on ill be on the woodruff(sp?) campus next yr..

That works..I will be spending time in Ottawa/Hull in early June for sure!

I suggest a minor in tourism and travel.... :)

cya ,


Pete is a great guy, you have lots to learn

i cant have any minors in this program unfourtinitly but owell

Pete is good people.


Ronin MMA

hey wade what up when im in Ottawa ill most definitly check out Ronin Mma man

Sounds good. You are always welcome to come in.


Wade and crew are all good peeps as well...check um out!!!

see you soon,